2019 - Ready . Set . Go .

Ready. I recently returned from an amazing and productive Art Mastermind Workshop in Atlanta. Remember those really cold (sub-zero) few days the first part of February here in western South Dakota when school and lots of things, including mail delivery, were cancelled. That was the week I was in Atlanta where one day set a record high temperature - over 80 degrees. Picked a good week to be traveling - not sorry!!

This was my first Art Mastermind Workshop, although I’ve been participating in the art business on-line classes over the last year. There was homework and preparation before the event, that included writing down goals and priorities for this year. Then during Day 1 we explored and contemplated the possibilities, brainstormed, and learned from other’s experiences. Day 2 was spent gaining clarity, hearing about best practices, narrowing options, breakout sessions in small groups, and finalizing a plan.

Now, this will sound familiar to those of you in many other types of work, because most companies, businesses, and offices do something relatively similar for their growth and success. I’ve participated in many of these exercises over my past working life - but now - it was for me - my business - personal - emotional. Now I don’t just have a piece of the responsibility pie - I have the whole - entire - pie!

Atlanta Mastermind Workshop

Thankfully, Alyson, art business coach and Mastermind Workshop leader, was expert at guiding us through activities and exercises, keeping us focused and on track, inspiring us to dig deeper into our selves and what we can accomplish. Even more important Alyson was able to bring over 20 artists together and within 2 days we coalesced into a strong, powerful, support system for each other. Yes, we left the workshop with a plan of action, but also, a knowing that we are not alone as we travel our artist’s path. And now every month, I participate in a Master Mind group of committed, talented, professional artists and business women as we share what we’re working on, request discussion and/or support, and keep ourselves accountable to the direction we are choosing. We stay connected, and we keep the "magic" alive. Priceless!!

Sneak Peek!

Set. So now, I’ve kicked everything into a higher gear, and I’m excited about the new work I’m envisioning and creating. In my basement I expanded the space I use for painting, adding a second painting room, formerly known as the family room. The two tables down its center, covered with plastic sitting on the tarp covered carpet, has tripled the space I have for painting. And an alert for visiting family and friends, the guest room will have blank canvasses leaning against the walls - I know you can maneuver around them!

Go. I have new work just about ready to finish and photograph so watch for new postings very, very soon. Many new works planned for this year, and many tasks, objectives, and goals on my action plan to successfully achieve. I love plans - it’s going to be the best year ever!

Much joy and gratitude - thank you for being part of this journey.

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